The Merle kids, upon moving into their new home, discovered a magical wish-granting rodent-like character, visible only to children, already living there. Fueled by licorice, Weesh grants whatever wish comes to the kids' minds. Tate, the middle brother, is a font of bizarre wishes, often steeped in science fiction lore. Olivia, the youngest sister, leans towards flights of fancy and everything pretty and innocent. Last, but not least, Zoey, the eldest daughter, wants everyone to just leave her alone.
About the Characters


This title character is a strange, green cross between a giant rabbit and a colossal field mouse only visible to kids, but we won't put that against him. What he lacks in common courtesy and manners, he makes up for with his ability to grant wishes. Fueled by licorice, he aims to make whatever off-the-wall dreams his friends come up with come true. Sadly, the wishes tend to be a little messed up in the end, due to Weesh's inexperience, and only last a short time - Weesh's petite stomach can only eat so much licorice, after all. But this ability keeps him in the house, despite his disregard for family rules.


The Merle family middle child, Tate is a bit of a geek. He loves all things science fiction, comic books, and video games. He's a typical young boy, really, although a bit too smart for his own good. He and Weesh get along famously, as Weesh tends to egg on Tate's rebellious behavior. He loves to mock his younger sister and her disdainfully girlish ways, and to make life miserable for his older sister with all sorts of pranks and jokes.


The youngest in the family, Olivia is the essence of innocence and purity. Everything for her is love and puppies, drenched in a coat of pastel color. She's a girly girl, and a complete aberration from the rest of the family. She lives in her own happy little world, and tends to react severely when Tate tries to mar that world. Olivia idolizes her older sister, much to her chagrin. And Weesh, well... he tends to be treated like a living stuffed animal. Poor guy.


The eldest Merle sibling, Zoey is more often than not the dominant authority in the household. While Dad's away, he leaves her in charge. However, she'd rather just be left alone, and really couldn't care less what goes on in the rest of the house as long as nothing is injured or broken. However, her siblings have a tendency to constantly bug her, despite Zoey making her desire for solitude known. Weesh is just another wrinkle in the works. Despite his repeated attempts at fulfilling her wishes (she claims she has none) she doesn't really like him. The only thing keeping her from kicking him out of the house is that he often keeps the others occupied.


Mr. Merle is a hard-working single dad. He spends just about every day in the office, trying to make his way up the corporate ladder so he can provide more for his kids. He's a nice guy, really. He's just tired, a little spacey, and often rushed. But his kids love him, and wouldn't mind spending more time with him (even Zoey, though she'd never publicly admit to it). Dad can't see, hear, nor sense the presence of Weesh, since he's an adult. Weesh tends to stay out of his way, though, out of fear of being stepped or sat on.

About Dan Hess
Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Dan spends his days doing illustration and design work and nights making comics. Dan is a freelance artist providing artwork, graphic design, Web layouts and Flash design for multiple companies. But, his passion lies in creating his own comic works and distributing them online and through self-publications.

His works include "Angel Moxie," a comic-strip style adventure series that manages to simultaneously parody and pay homage to the magical girl genre common to many Japanese comics and cartoons. While that story has since wrapped up, Dan's other work, "Realms of Ishikaze," a comic-book style fantasy comedy based on the adventures of players within an online roleplaying game, rages on. It currently is in its fifth year of online publishing via the website and has spawned five books.
What do you mean by "All Ages?"
It means just that - Weesh is designed to appeal to all ages, and so is appropriate to share with your littlest little one up to our favorite elders. Weesh is all pure fantasy, so you'll never have to worry about gratuitous violence or obscenities. And, to be honest, there's plenty other webcomics out there if you want those sorts of things.

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